Tax self-assessment

The self-assessment tax return is an unavoidable burden if you are liable for self-employed tax or have complicated income tax affairs.

Tax self assessment - overview

While nobody likes paying income tax, the right approach to your tax return will minimise aggravation and can reduce the amount you end up paying.

Income tax self assessment

Income tax self assessment

There's no need to be concerned about tax self assessment - you just need to keep the right records and meet the deadlines. Our guide to the basics.


Self assessment online

How to register for self assessment online, your business or personal tax account, and where to find help with self assessment


Self assessment deadlines

The deadlines for registering for self assessment, filing your self assessment tax return and paying any self assessment tax you owe

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Income tax allowances and reliefs

Your income tax allowances include allowable expenses which you can set against your taxable profits as well as the personal income tax allowance.


Tax codes: the basics

Every worker has a tax code issued by HMRC. But what are they for and how do you know if yours is correct? We answer key questions about tax codes.


Simple ways to pay your tax bill

We all have to pay tax and there are a number of ways to pay your tax bill. We look at the main options for paying your tax bill.

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Claim a tax refund

If you think you paid too much tax in a previous tax year, use this HMRC tool to claim a tax rebate.

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eBay and tax

It is possible to make quite a bit of money selling your old stuff on eBay or at a car boot sale. But where do HM Revenue and Customs draw the line?

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Do you have a second income?

If you earn income from sources other than through your employer, you may be classed as being both employed and self employed.

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Five ways to keep your tax bills low

Frustrated that a big slice of your profits goes to the taxman? Ben Dyer explains how to (legally and ethically) minimise how much tax you pay.